Protective Intelligence (PI) is a proactive method of identifying, assessing, mitigating and avoiding potential threats. It constitutes an essential subsection of personal security and is a component of risk and threat analysis.

TRIAS Solutions offers fully comprehensive or event-specific security plans and measures for the protection of persons and property at risk whether on private or business premises.

Trias Solutions - abstraktes Bild von goldenen Kabeln auf schwarzem Hintergrund
Trias Solutions - abstraktes Bild von einem goldenen Funken

Depending on the nature of the threatening situation, armed or unarmed personal protection services are available. At the client’s request, suitable vehicles are provided and routes and buildings are checked and secured in advance or on a permanent basis.

It goes without saying that all the staff we employ in this highly sensitive area have not only been trained accordingly and gained relevant experience (former members of special units, deployments in conflict areas and experience with HNW clients) but have also proven their worth in crisis situations.