TRIAS Solutions
is an international company providing customised,
high-quality and effective security and
investigation solutions.
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Private Investigations
In the private domain, our cases involve mainly unsolved crimes, obtaining evidence related to family matters, and the location and surveillance of individuals.
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Business Investigations
As a business detective agency, TRIAS Solutions deals with business investigations and cases of corporate espionage, unfair competition and reputational damage.
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Personal Security and Protective Intelligence (PI)
These are fully comprehensive or event-specific security measures for the protection of persons at risk whether on private or business premises. Protective intelligence (PI) is an essential subsection of personal security and a proactive method of identifying, assessing and mitigating potential threats.
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Security Technology and Eavesdropping Protection
Protection against eavesdropping is an essential component of a company’s overall security. Together with our clients, we determine the requirements, systems and options available for perfectly customised security and alarm systems.
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Drone Detection
Drones equipped with high-resolution cameras, recording devices or air drop systems create almost unlimited potential for espionage, surveillance and sabotage. TRIAS Solutions offers comprehensive solutions for corporate sites and headquarters, airports and ports, critical infrastructure, yachts, border patrols, correctional facilities, HNWIs, the military and police.
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Effective and Confidential

Founded by lawyer Erich Gemeiner and security expert Martin Karczynski, TRIAS Solutions holds all business licences required for security and detective agencies in Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein. Our company’s portfolio is complemented by extensive expertise in establishing and developing security teams and security plans.

We do not disclose the names of our clients to ensure strict confidentiality and their utmost protection.